What Countertop is Right For You?

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Dexter Cabinet & Countertop Makes Every Customer a Priority

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Brothers Del Young Jr. and Tim Young have been in the business of making kitchens and bathrooms beautiful for nearly 3 decades. Del is the expert on countertops. Together they own Dexter Cabinet & Countertop.

The Young brothers will give you a free consultation in the showroom or at your home, and an estimate is free of charge. “My brother and I grew up in the business. Our dad was a home builder who built over 300 homes around Ann Arbor,” Del says. “Our philosophy is to treat everyone who comes through our showroom doors the same. It doesn’t matter to us if you are doing a full room or just need a drawer repaired.”

When picking out new countertops, the hardest thing you need to do is choose your favorite colors and materials from their extensive selection. Countertop choices include solid surfaces like Corian or Formica, granite, quartz, marble, and butcher block wood, as well as laminate. 

“It’s funny because most people take at least a couple of weeks to pick out what they want, but they almost always end up going with whatever they chose first. It’s always good to take time to eliminate other possible choices, but I’d say most people go with their first instinct,” Del says with a laugh. 

Media - Dexter Cabinet & Countertop - Kitchen Remodeling Dexter MI - pg_storefrontAs far as countertops go, the biggest seller right now is quartz. Although it is on the pricy side, quartz has one big advantage over high-end granite. “Quartz isn’t porous, so it doesn’t stain,” Del says. “People are going for quartz because it’s basically bulletproof, so to speak. It’s hard to scratch and nearly impossible to break.” Another stain-resistant choice is Corian, which is a popular and less expensive option. 

In the same breath, a porous material like granite is the right choice for many households. The aesthetics of granite are quite exceptional. The desk in the brothers’ office is granite with rusty water veins running through it and a large deposit of quartz inside. It is breathtaking to an artistic eye. 

“The difference is that you need to be more careful with things that stain; coffee, red wine, even makeup are big killers of porous countertops. Just be mindful and you’ll be alright,” Del says. Customers will be glad to know that once your installation job is on the calendar, the brothers and their team will treat you like their only priority until the job is done. 

“There is no reason for a job to stretch out for months. We won’t start a project and then peel our guys away from you to do other jobs,” Del says. “For a full kitchen installation, for example, we allot you all 5 days. All my guys are going to be completely focused on your job for that week.”

Installing new countertops is frequently just one part of a larger room remodel. When customers need additional work done, such as construction, plumbing, or electrical work, the brothers refer those parts of the project to a stable of skilled and trustworthy subcontractors. 

“We have carpenters, drywallers, painters, electricians, and plumbers all at our beck and call. These are guys who will show up when we need them and work with your schedule,” Del explains. The brothers’ sales tactic is to “educate” and “not put pressure on people,” Del says. “I teach people the right questions to ask. They can go somewhere else if they want. When they ask the right questions and don’t get the answers they want from other places, then they come back to us. Either way, I hope they leave the showroom more informed.”